Global expats’ optimism revealed in new survey

Almost two thirds (65%) of expats feel optimistic about the coming year, despite the uncertainty of the past 18 months


Expats now allowed to retain properties in Oman

Expats who buy apartments under Oman’s usufruct scheme will be able to own their properties even if they should leave the country.

Expats welcome easing of UK travel rules

In a move that has been welcomed by expats across the world, a major relaxing of travel rules for people entering and leaving England has been confirmed.

UAE unveils new visas for expats

The UAE government has unveiled significant plans to loosen the strict residency rules for expats as the country moves to further attract foreign residents

Expats’ Covid restrictions travel checklist

Expats lead, typically, a more transient lifestyle than those who reside in their country of birth. Nipping back and forth between their adopted country

Controversial new Covid rules for Aussie expats

Australia, in a controversial move, is amending its border policy this week to close a loophole allowing expats to visit their home nation and leave again

Long-term British expats will be able to vote in UK elections

UK expats who have lived overseas for more than 15 years are soon to get given the right to vote in British general elections

Living in Portugal

With its rich history, diverse culture, stunning beaches, magnificent architecture,