U.S. expats: time running out for mid-terms

Are you one of the nearly 4 million U.S. citizens living abroad eligible to vote in the upcoming U.S. mid-term elections? If so, the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) has a message for you: if you’re not careful, time could run out.


The rise of digital nomad visas

The pandemic changed the world in dramatic fashion. Working patterns are one of the key areas where the impact is still keenly being experienced.

Expats force up property prices in key destinations

In recent weeks, the press has reported about how people relocating from their own countries are forcing up rental and home prices in various major expat hubs.

UK expats stuck in limbo in Portugal?

Thousands of British expats in Portugal say they are stuck in limbo, they claim, because of the country’s failure to issue them with post-Brexit residency cards

Expat numbers to rise as inflation soars: report

An increasing number of people are thinking about moving to countries with a lower cost of living to try and maintain a decent lifestyle.

Weird Russian video tries to woo expats

Six months after invading Ukraine, and after many thousands of expats fled the country, it appears that Russia is desperate to woo new foreign nationals.

digital nomad in nature

Best countries for digital nomads: survey 

In recent years, the rise of the digital nomad has taken over the globe – with many taking the chance to not just work from home…

Most expensive cities for expats: revealed

Hong Kong remains the most expensive city in the world for expats to live, according to a new global survey